Meet Felicia


Hi there, I'm Felicia! 

 I currently live near the Seattle, Wa area with my amazing husband of Alex, and our daughter Gwendolyn ( Aka,Gwen or Gwenny Penny), as well as our awesome black flat coat goldendoodle, Shadow. I love all things creative design/art, music, traveling and adventure.

After our daughter was born with a rare brain disorder, I stepped deeply into the world of advocacy. While parenting a child with disabilities is a game changer in how you view life,  ALL my life I have been the type of person to accept and embrace those who were 'different'. 

My belief is that if you are someone who is intentionally kind, empathetic and honest, you are a human worthy of acceptance in the highest form. So whether you're disabled, a different race/ethnicity, part of the LGBTQ+ community, have mental health challenges or anything else that might set you 'apart'. I will wildly embrace your differences, listen when you need a friend and advocate for you.