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Combining Passions: Advocacy and Inclusion Through Creativity

Since I was a kid, I was drawn to helping and connecting with others. I always liked being the friend someone could come to for anything without judgement. In school, I would happily befriend anyone who might have been called different or weird by other kids. There's people from my past I look back on and realize especially now, they deserved better from the world they grew up in for how they were viewed. Because, regardless of the 'why' for how they were seen and treated, everyone deserves space to be their amazing and true self without being othered or excluded. 

When I became a mom, I was thrown deep into the world of disability advocacy. That's where I began to find my path in that 'world'. Connecting with others through social media, I found one of the most powerful sense of community. Finding others who can understand the most vulnerable things you are experiencing is grounding and comforting in so many ways. But it's beyond that community we need to reach with advocacy. It's the people who don't live a life of disability or difference that need to understand it in order for it to exist in the full world that belongs to EVERYONE.

My whole hearted belief is that if you are someone who is kind, loving, empathetic and honest, you are a human worthy of acceptance in the highest form. So whether a person is disabled, a different race/ethnicity, part of the LGBTQ+ community, experiencing mental health challenges, or anything else that might make them feel outcasted, I will embrace their differences and advocate for their space in this world without hesitancy. Because it belongs to us all. Kindness should always be the easier choice. 

So for the creativity?

I have always loved art and creative design, and I am always thinking of about a million different business ideas at once (yay for ADHD!). 

So I figured why not combine as many of my ideas as I can?

Having my own business is such a special thing to me, and to incorporate the things in life that matter to me the most while getting to be artistic has got to be the most exciting thing for me yet!

So here I am, launching my advocacy and inclusion brand that is starting off with a few small things but will grow into so much more. I will cover a wide basis of topics such as Disability, Equality, Mental Health and more. Some of the designs will be centered around a light and positive approach, while others will show a little more personality with some 'sass' and sarcasm because, I like to have fun, be silly, and want my messages to be authentic, grab attention and reflect a unique perspective. My hopes is there is be something for everyone here. 

You'll continue to see new additions to my product designs and art, and eventually I hope to also start hosting creative events involved around inclusive themes. I cannot wait to see how Wildly Embraced grows. 

Thank you for following along in my journey, and always remember to BE WILDLY INCLUSIVE.


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